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• For over 14 years, we’ve been assisting our clients in effective communication using PR as
an element of a broader marketing strategy.
• We are consultants and independent advisors in communication. Our recommendations are
a result of our excellent media and business knowledge, with deep understanding of the needs
and goals of our clients.
• Our team boasts the advantage of combining youthfulness, creativity, enthusiasm and years
of experience in order to achieve the best potential outcome for our clients.
• Services we provide include media relations, brand & corporate PR, events organisations,
business networking, market research, social media management and image consulting.
• Contacting the most appropriate Polish media to present a company’s profile and key
• Distributing press releases about a company’s profile and key products.
• Distributing news releases about a company’s activities e.g. new clients in Poland, new
importers, new investments, presence on fairs in Poland.
• Facilitating prime networking opportunities with influential company representatives.
• Coordinating media events to present a company’s key products and services.
• Providing detailed recommendations/proposals for advertising campaigns.
• Monitoring the media, collating any relevant information about a company and its
competitors throughout Poland.
• Established dedicated e-mail and phone number for polish media but also for trade
representatives to ask in Polish about company and to send offers of cooperation.
• Building a website (application on Prowly.com) specifically designed to promote the
company in the Polish language, which would include basic information, press releases and
content marketing.
• Running a Polish company’s profile on Linkedin (social media for business).
• Liaising with Polish media to present a company’s profile and key products.
• Distributing news releases about company’s activities, e.g. new clients in Poland, new
distributors, presence on fairs in Poland or global activities that may affect Polish market.
• Facilitating prime networking opportunities with influential company representatives.
• Organising marketing events for trade media.
• Preparing a desktop research about polish market in regards to your target sectors.
– Conducting desktop research on your target sectors within the Polish market.
• Preparing a database of top polish companies, who might be your potential clients.
– Preparing a comprehensive database of potential Polish clients.
• Recommending trade events to participate and marketing activities to support sale.
– Keeping the company informed of prime local trade and marketing events.
• Arranging meetings with representatives of particular companies, that may be interested in
your offer.
– Liaising and facilitating meetings with interested companies and potential clients.
• Editing materials, presentations and offers prepared in Polish language.
– Translating a company’s key documents, proposals and presentations into Polish.
• Assisting during trade fairs and B2B meeting.
– Providing practical and linguistic assistance during trade fairs and B2B meetings.
• Representing company in business relations.
– Acting as a company representative in business relations.
• Sending product samples for potential importers and distributors.
– Providing possible importers and distributors with a company’s product samples and
promotion kit.

firmy pr warszawa

ul. Włodarzewska 59D/35
02-384 Warszawa

mail: kontakt@4public.pl
tel: +48 691 360 576

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